Hello, Isaac. Welcome to my party!

For those of you on the Gulf Coast, batten down the hatches! I don’t know how far away from here my blog gets read, but for those of you who aren’t right here, we may be experiencing some technical difficulties over the next few days.


Well, everything is organized in the back yard, for the most part, and ready to be put away. I love stackable furniture. I have a couple of things in the front yard that I just don’t know where they should go. I think one “baker’s rack” should just be laid down on its back beside the house. It weighs a ton and only a tornado could pick that thing up because there’s nothing to catch wind. The other one, well, that’s another story.

We’re following the track and right now we’re in the bad section of the storm. It could wobble again and go back east of us, but we’re keeping an eye on it, trying to figure out which windows will get the plywood.

I planted all my aloe vera yesterday. It saves room for all the other plants that need to come inside, and they just really needed to be planted anyhow. They have outgrown their pots! It was the kind with the super sharp points along the leaves. I have the war wounds to prove it. I don’t know what’s going to happen to my little lettuce/dill/hot pepper bed. It’s pretty heavy, but roofs come off at Cat 2 sometimes, so I’m not holding out much hope for it. Oh well. I still have more seed. I knew there was a reason I was procrastinating about that. 🙂

I stocked up on water, granola bars, and a few other things. I may go back to the store today. They still had a great supply of gallon water, but the thing was flying off the shelves was the Perrier (about a 2 liter) glass bottle! They were nearly gone! Ya know, when sushi, Perrier, and things like that go off the shelf, you really have to wonder what type of storm you’re going to get eh?

Speaking of water, we also have Beanster’s pool. I’m not positive what to do about it. It has flimsy sides, so I think the water will just blow the sides over and all the water will wash away and the pool will follow suit. I was really hoping it would stay put with the weight of the water so we could use it to flush toilets, etc. That may not happen.

So many decisions! The biggest one right now is that I have a two-year old and I don’t know whether to go to my mother-in-laws (I should really call first and see if she has room), or whether I should stay put. We have a sturdy OLD home that has withstood many hurricanes. BUT, when you have a small child that is the lightbulb in your eye, you tend to think more about how safe it is for them, not so much about whether you will survive the storm or not. I am really praying about that one BIG TIME!

I do have two evacuation boxes going, though. One is all the important stuff and the other is miscellaneous “irreplaceable” stuff. The only thing I’m having trouble with is my dad’s flag. It’s in one of those nifty (until there’s a hurricane) large wooden triangle boxes with glass. It doesn’t fit in anything. If we do stay here, I still want it protected and I’m not sure what to do outside of heavy-duty trash bags and duct tape. That flag means a lot to me and I want to keep it safe. Any ideas?


Beanster finished his first notebook this week! I ended it on “E” because that is about all that fit in the folder. Yeah, it was a real thinker. What’s a good place to end it? How about where the brads do? We’re going to start “F” today or tomorrow. I guess I’ll have plenty of time to finish this week’s lesson, along with our craft. That is one great thing about crafts. You don’t really need electricity.

Last week we colored our final picture for the lesson, finished our mailbox craft, and Beanster earned his certificate! Yea! I found some at the Dollar General. It was 24 for $1, so I figured it would last throughout the year. I put it in his little folder, and started the new one. I made a big deal about the little certificate. I’m trying to let him feel a sense of accomplishment for a job well done. I try to be happy and not so ho-hum when he picks up his toys like I ask him to. Again, positive reinforcement at work! Besides, it gives me yet another excuse to hug on my Beanster.

We’ll see how well he does as I switch folders on him. He’s had the red one for so long (5 weeks) and he’s taken it with him everywhere. He’s seen the new one and I think he’s pretty interested in it. The old one is in the evac drawer, so I think he should find this one pretty easily.

I still need to make my own coloring page of the purple heart. I couldn’t find one anywhere! So, I printed out a picture of one and I guess I’ll go from there and scan it in and label it for future use. Our color is “purple” and our shape is “heart”. Yeah, I planned it that way a little bit. 🙂

Well, I guess now that I’m running about an hour behind that I’ll get some breakfast in the Beanster, fix my coffee, and head out the door for church.

Have a great Sunday, everyone. And for those of you on the Gulf Coast….See you at Wal-Mart!!! And if Jim Cantore shows up on the beach near here, let me know! I’ll leave with you!

Peace and love.

If he shows up in our town, we’re leaving!

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