Where’s my white bread and toilet paper?

Well, it’s that time of year again, eh? That’s right. The part of hurricane season where we actually see hurricanes! So, since we seem to be in the crosshairs right now (which could easily change overnight), I guess I’ll continue on my merry way with my hurricane preparations.


The good news is that we don’t own the house we live in! Yea! This is the one time I’m so happy not to be a homeowner. The other 364 days a year are another story. I’m still not sure what we’re going to do about boarding up our windows, if need be. Eighty mph can be a little tough on glass, so I hope we’ll be doing something. I’ve been working on my evacuation list, whether we leave or not. The list includes all the things I don’t want to have to worry about when the time comes. Now, mind you, it’s only a Category 1 that is predicted, but I like to have my things all together in one place. (We on the Gulf Coast know how storms can explode and turn on a dime!) Here’s my short list:

1.) Pictures
2.) Insurance, banking, legal, etc.
3.) My Dad’s flag
4.) Baby books and other memorabilia
5.) Stuff for the Beanster to do!

The rest of it falls under “vacation” list; i.e. – toothpaste, shoes, etc. There are a couple of other major necessities, but pretty much everyone thinks of those things. I do have a shopping trip tomorrow. It consists of some basic items that are on nearly every hurricane emergency list.

This site has a great list for nearly everything:

I hate this trip to the store because every single person is there! I don’t wait until the last minute, either, but there’s always a million people there. I like to actually be able to purchase the things I go in there for. For those who are panicky and unprepared (you know who they are), it’s the last-minute chicken-with-its-head-cut-off routine. You can always tell them by their shopping carts: 20 loaves of cheap white bread, 5 economy size jars of peanut butter, and 2 family jumbo 36 roll packages of toilet paper. For those who live in hurricane zones, you are laughing with me because you’ve seen them, too! It’s like going to the airport to people watch.

The other good thing (besides the fact we don’t own this home) is that I’ve gotten most of my preparation done. By the time they announce that hurricane season has begun, I’m going through things that I need to purge, shred, toss, or file. I have a very small stack that can go in my “miscellaneous” file in the evacuation box. I hate being a headless chicken! All the filing is caught up, things are now shredded, except for this week’s junk mail. I’ve been trying to clean out the freezer for dinner for a week now. I’ve been taking stock of what’s in the pantry, and counting the rolls of toilet paper. 🙂

We have a gas stove, so we’re not as limited on our menu, unless, of course, a tree falls on our gas tank, and then we have bigger issues than being without power! It’s nice because we can have hot soup (even though we won’t have cold drinks or air conditioning), eggs, pancakes, etc. I don’t want to live on Vienna sausages for a week!

I do have to get things out of the yard, like the infamous olive tree, the Beanster’s yard toys and a couple of other things. We trimmed the trees back really well last year and most of the “blow around” things are already secured. Just windows and toys.


It’s funny how we let things go until it’s time to batten down the hatches. It seems like sometimes I tend to think that there’s always tomorrow, and then when chaos strikes and I’m unprepared all I can do is sit around and think about how I should have been getting prepared! I don’t like regrets like that. I try to keep things moving and done. Now, my house is in no way spotless. PLEASE don’t get that misconception about me! I do try to keep the important stuff up to date, filed, etc. But sometimes in life, you forget to do the little things that really matter. Maybe I should make a list of those things, too:

1.) Tell people you love them every day. One of you may be evacuated tomorrow.
2.) Stock up on friends and family. Every pantry should be well stocked with variety and spices!
3.) Make sure you’re built on the Rock. Good foundations are essential in a storm.
4.) Don’t wait to do things. Otherwise, you’ll have to stock up on white bread and toilet paper.

Have a great Friday evening, everyone!

Peace and love.


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