When did my son turn into a 2-year-old?


You know, there comes a point nearly every day now, sometimes several times a day, when I realize that I have a child who is in the throes of toddlerhood. Whether it’s the incessant “mama, mama, mama, mama”, the screaming, the kicking around things, the beating on the dog, the throwing things, the staring me in the eyes as he reaches for something, the screaming, the frustrations which lead to screaming, the pickiness at the dinner table now, the ability to outrun me, the “no!” that follows a command, the deliberate stare that dares me to come stop him from doing things he shouldn’t, the screaming, the climbing on the tables and bouncing on the couches, the screaming, or the general fussiness I don’t know, but something gives me a subtle reminder every day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my son! He is such a sweet boy sometimes, but WOW, does he know how to push my buttons! I’m working on that whole “patience” thing and positive reinforcement, and somehow, even though he can’t read yet, I think he got ahold of my life’s schedule and has decided to react to those events, such as positive reinforcement. He must think, in his two-year-old way, “I need to help mom have more patience so I’m going to____________(fill in the blank)”. I don’t really need the help, but I guess he’s trying.

I wish I could count the number of times I’ve told him to get off the coffee table, don’t climb on the dining table, don’t turn on the stove, stop bouncing on the bed, yaddi, yaddi, yadda… I know that in his little ears it turns from, “Beanster, please stop jumping on the bed” to, “Beanster, blah blah blah!” *sigh* Is there a vitamin deficiency that affects his hearing? If so, I need to double up on it, eh?

I try to apply things that comes in the form of advice from other people. I really do. Sometimes I need all the help I can get. I think what they forget to tell me is that no advice is fail-safe! There should be a disclaimer on every written and oral piece of advice: CAUTION: this may not work on your child!

Oh well. He turns around and gives me that smile (not the one when he’s in trouble and trying to distract me), but the one that really says he loves me and wants to have fun with me and play! I just melt when I see that! He has such a sweet disposition and so many people tell me what a sweet boy he is. He really knows how to show out for people, but I know that he is sweet. He now takes my plate or cup and heads for the kitchen, saying, “I help!” He likes to check the mail, unfold the laundry, feed the dog, etc.

I have been blessed beyond my imagination. I am blessed to have a two-year-old!


2 thoughts on “When did my son turn into a 2-year-old?

  1. I completely understand! We’ve got the same thing going on at my house. I think Ezra cries more than Eden does. It’s not even a real cry though, it’s more like screaming, whailing, and whining! He loves to test me when I’m nursing Eden and can’t get to him as quickly. Ugh. I am learning more about grace everyday! 🙂 & patience as well. It is a learning experience for sure. I’m learning more about God. I’m sure we take on the same characteristics of a toddler occasionally and he still covers us with grace. He is good!

  2. From my experience, you pick the punishment that gets the most attention and stick with it. When it stops working, use a different one. And be consistent. A lesson I had to learn is not to let them get away with it one day and punish for it another. You’re right about the toddler love, they’re the cutest little things from birth to 4, at least in my opinion.

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