I need a deep freeze!

Okay, I’m not talking about the weather. I’ve started doing something I’ve seen on tons of blogs: freezer stocking! This morning I made one recipe and I’d like to make another today, but there’s only one problem… there is no room in the inn.


Yesterday I went to the store and purchased a 10 pack of 10″ flour tortillas, an 18 pack of eggs, a small package of shredded fiesta type cheese, and a package of Jimmy Dean sausage. We already had hashbrowns, so I had to guess at the cost of those for the final tally. I cooked up the hashbrowns and sausage while we were eating breakfast so they would have plenty of time to cool down. I cooked 15 eggs and whipped out the packet o’ shredded cheese. (I know it’s cheaper to buy block cheese, but I would have had to have bought about 3 kinds of cheese. This was cheaper at the register than that.)

Our roommate said he uses a pizza pan to make it all on. I got one out, put down a sheet of wax paper, threw on a tortilla and loaded it up with the eggs, then sausage, then potatoes, then a good pinch of cheese. It was a nice little assembly line.

Beanster snaking a bite of eggs from the breakfast burrito assembly line.

It went pretty well. I was able to use all of the tortillas. The only thing is that if you “guesstimate” as you go along, you never know how that last burrito is going to turn out. It was a fat little burrito and I barely got it rolled up, but at least I didn’t have any tortillas left over. The final cost was $1.12 each! I pay $1 for some that are only half as full at a fast food establishment I like to frequent, but these are good and hardy for the working man in my life!

The next thing I want to try is bean burritos. The only thing I’m not sure about is whether the rice will be good to eat after it’s been frozen. Some things break down when they’re frozen and I’m not sure if that is one of those things or not. I love using Mahatma Yellow Saffron rice. Remember those 80 cent burritos I made the other day? I think they might work in the freezer and they would be homemade and super handy when we’re in a hurry to get somewhere.

I also want to make up a couple batches of the Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin cookies I got off the Quaker Oatmeal lid. I think it would be fantastic to have them rolled up in little balls in a freezer-safe container and pull out a few and pop them in the toaster oven!

I’m on a quest to find recipes of things I can make ahead of time and pop in the microwave, or things I can put in the toaster oven. Super easy, super simple. I can’t do much because, once again, we don’t have space in the freezer. The hubby found a little refrigerator on the side of the road one day (dorm size) and it was in perfect condition. I have no idea why they were throwing it out! It’s been nearly 2 years that we’ve had it and it still works fine! I wish someone would throw out a chest freezer! đŸ™‚

The lettuce is still making an effort, but it’s not growing super fast. It’s more identifiable now, which is nice to see. The dill has its secondary leaves now and I think a late bloomer is coming up! Yea!

Our “shoe” bag is doing wonderfully for helping us get organized in the mornings! I was so proud yesterday. We got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, got our stuff together (I had packed his lunch the night before) and he was the first child at daycare! That has NEVER happened before. Well, I was an hour late to work because there were 2 accidents on the interstate. Then there wasn’t much to do at work, so I came home early. I did manage to swing by the store and pick up burrito fixings without having to tote Beanster in and out of the store. I feel like it was still a productive day, though.

A friend of ours gave Beanster some clothes that her child had outgrown. It’s funny, because all of these children are so thin, and have been since we’ve known them, but our child is so stocky that a lot of things need to be bigger to fit. Anyhow, we received 4 pair of pajamas, including a long-sleeved shirt with a pair of socks with firetrucks on them! Beanster was extra excited about those. They also gave us 2 hats. One of them is super cute. He had to model it the other day when I was going through it all!

Beanster modeling his new winter monster hat when it’s nearly 80 degrees outside!


We’re on week, um, 5? Yes, I’m not sure what we’re doing….*sigh*. It’s so much fun watching him get his book out. He has certain favorite pages that he flips to and points to things he knows. He really loves that caterpillar that we glued down the other day.

He has learned the letter “O”. That’s fun. I had on a Texas Longhorns shirt the other day and he pointed out the “O’s” in lOnghOrns. He also is big on “E”, which is our letter of the week. I can’t wait to make our mailbox this week! I think he’ll enjoy it. One thought I had as he was ripping out a dinosaur we glued in last week was that I may want to use some of those hole reinforcers (several of them) on the mailbox and on the flag where they are bradded together. At least that way it will take a little more effort to destroy it. I don’t know why he thinks he has to tear it all up.

I have also thought about doing more matching cards and putting little pockets pages to put them in. At least if he pulls the cards out, they are meant to come out!

Today is library day. We can only check out movies for a week, so we’ve made Tuesday our day. Since we are doing “E”, I know there is a Bill Nye movie about the eyeball. We’ve already seen it, but maybe when we put somethings together, it will be easier for him to connect the dots.

Speaking of dots, I made a few connect the dot pictures that go up to 6 for next week. We’re also doing “purple” and “heart”, so guess what I want to do….correct! Do you know how hard it is to find a coloring page of a purple heart? Nearly impossible! I need to make one up myself. I did find a really nice poem.

Purple Heart by Roger Robicheau

Each Purple Heart shall always be
A part of freedom’s history

Hold deep inside a fervent pride
For all who gave, the brave who died

They showed their best for liberty
They stood for us with certainty

Their wound of war, their Purple Heart
Each dared to care and do their part

Some bore a wound which took their life
While others lived past war’s honed knife

True patriots, they faced their call
To keep our nation strong for all

Deep scars of war are carried by
Those who return, and those who cry

Pray for the brave, their loved ones too
Thank God for heroes – all of you.

I am trying to teach Beanster the pledge of allegiance, and we sing the National Anthem sometimes. He really likes the American flag. Whether it’s the colors or the fact that it waves, he loves it! I want him to understand our nation’s proud heritage.

Well, I guess it’s time to get ready and go to the library. I hope you have a great day!

Peace and love!


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