Thank you, Jacques Pepin!

Well, I apologize for those who are waiting for the homemade pancake mix results. I didn’t get any of those things done. I’ve had a two-year-old today. I also just got the memo that he’s going to be like this for a while. I did get a lot accomplished today, though.


The majority of the day was almost a complete dud, since someone didn’t want to cooperate, nor did he have an attention span longer than about 2 seconds today. We did get some dinosaurs colored and glued on a scenic piece of paper. We tried a dinosaur matching game, which didn’t go well and ended in a screaming fit after about a minute. We tried watching movies, we tried running around. He’s just been a little grouch all day long. Right now, Dada is trying to wear him out and find something he wants to do. It’s no easy feat! I had put his mat down on the floor today for a nap, just like he does at daycare. It was not meant to be. I ended up getting a little nap while Papaw kept him occupied and Beanster didn’t take his until 3:00. I’m afraid we may be in for a long night, eh? Oh well. We’re finally sitting down to watch a Bill Nye movie…ahhh.


The other night I did make that homemade eggplant pizza for my mother-in-law. That Fleischman’s pizza yeast was the essence of perfection! I didn’t knead the dough for as long as it said (which toughens up the bread by releasing the gluten, from what I understand) and the dough was so tender. There was no gnawing it, trying to tear it into pieces. I had purchased some purple bell peppers. They were beautiful, but not quite as flavorful as the red, orange, and yellow peppers. The olives and mushrooms were the perfect accents! The spinach was super fresh and the mozzarella cheese was just salty enough that I didn’t even have to salt the pizza! I ended up making two pizzas, but they were so loaded that we only finished off one the first day.

This morning I didn’t want the same ol’, same ol’ pancakes. I was actually craving chocolate, so I got on the good ol’ WWWW (wonderful world wide web) and found some recipes. Now, mind you, I’m not, nor have I ever been an Elvis Presley fan, but when I saw this recipe I had to check it out. They were called Elvis pancakes. I guess he was a fan of peanut butter, banana, and chocolate. The recipe was mostly the same on the basics. I didn’t want to use my good chocolate chips (plus I didn’t feel like chopping them up), so I used 1 tablespoon of cocoa instead. That was the silkiest batter I have ever seen in my life. It fluffed up in the skillet and even after we all had eaten, there were still 3 pancakes left over!

Tonight, I made the “romantic” dinner I spoke of yesterday. It can’t be too romantic with a household of 5 people, including the Beanster who won’t cooperate at dinner, and the roommate making dinner as soon as I was finished cooking. I guess “romantic” is too strong a word. It was pretty gourmet for my standards. I bought a couple of fennel bulbs at work the other day, along with some acorn squash, and some ears of bi-color corn. I had purchased some haddock a few weeks back. So, I halved the squash and threw in a tablespoon of brown sugar and a pat of butter in each one. It cooked for an hour. I made the fennel, which started with blanching. I roasted it in the oven for 40 minutes. The fish took only 10-15 minutes. I tried to make a corn chowder, just in case the hubby didn’t like the fennel and the squash, and it came out tasting like creamed corn. What I was proud of was the ease with which I cleaned off the cobs!

I have been watching a lot of cooking shows on PBS’s Create TV. The other day I saw Jacques Pepin slicing corn off the cob as quickly as I could watch and I listened closely to his knife instructions. I tried it and it worked so well! Thank you, Jacques Pepin! I still have a ways to go with my knife skills and I really need to sharpen them all again.

Anywho, the fish came out perfect, the fennel loses a lot of the licorice taste as it’s roasting, and the squash was like candy! It was a great meal! I really needed something a little more green on the plate for some color, but the tastes were so good!

Here’s to a great end of the week tomorrow, folks. Happy Thursday evening!

Peace and love.


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