Happy, happy, joy, joy

Okay, maybe I’ve completely dated myself with that post title. Oh well. Some days I feel older than others. Today wasn’t one of those days, but it does happen. Seriously, though…


One thing I’ve always dealt with is comparison. I’ve always immediately looked at someone and compared myself to them. Usually, I rate them a lot higher than I do myself. She’s prettier, he’s smarter, they make more money, blah, blah, blah. You know how it goes. I learned a really hard lesson in that this weekend. I have been comparing myself to a couple of people for several years now, and have felt completely inferior on several levels, which I won’t go into now. Anywho…I’ve learned that a couple of these people that I have thought were perfect all this time are far from it! I know deep down that no one is perfect, but sometimes you just build people up in your mind. You tell yourself that they can’t have the kind of problems you have because of this reason or that. Truth be told, they may not have my problems or yours, but they have their very own set of huge issues to deal with.

In building these people up, I’ve developed a grudge against them. Ridiculous, eh? Well, it’s true. It’s stupid, too. And it’s something I’ve had to repent for! I wouldn’t want someone to hold a grudge against me just because they perceive me a certain way. So, I forced a smile and tried not to think about it while I was around this person or two. Come to find out, there are some serious issues going. I was surprised, honestly. I had built up such an aura of perfection and now I was hearing and seeing what true problems there were in this person’s life. I must say, I felt shame, because of how I had perceived them. Here they were, struggling against life and a number of other things, some of them willfully, and what I needed to do was be praying for this person! I realized what a lack of compassion I really have.

Christ calls us to compassion for others. Paul said to be content in all things! How can I really sit here and judge people based on falsehoods I’ve built up about them? I need to be happy with how God made me and not worry about how He didn’t give me this talent, or those eyes, or those hips! Don’t get me wrong; all this time I’ve been thinking that I am the dirt on their shoes. I’m not judging them, but I had not been trying to be honest and true toward them as I should have. Why can’t I just like me for me, and love them for them? I don’t know. If I really loved God like I say I do, I think I would reach out to people a little more, pray for them a lot more, and not make up things in my mind about how they are so much better than I am. I’ve really been convicted about this and now that I’ve been able to see what they’re really like, I am able to put them in a more realistic frame of my mind.

I also need to see myself as God sees me. That is another chapter for another day…actually, it’s more like a novella, but who needs to read that much?


Well, I have now spent the past two days rearranging offices: one at home, one at work. Our shelf above our computer holds our printer. The bracket broke and that produced a need to rearrange one entire wall in the office. Things needed to move, go here, that went there….

Today I got to work and, lo and behold, we decided to move the printer there, so I got to spend an hour finding cords long enough, plugging and unplugging, etc. Funny how it all works out in the end. After my coffee wore off 3 hours later, I was pretty whipped. I even got cranky with Beanster. Imagine that. We decided to clean out his pool again and start filling it up. I let him play in it while the faucet was running. Somebody had a blast!

We dead-headed a few plants and checked out the stagnant lettuce bed. I’ve decided it needs more sunlight. Not sure how I’m going to accomplish moving it, but I’m going to give it a try tomorrow.

The olives are dry, shriveled, and I’m wondering about some of the instructions. One thing’s for sure, they won’t mold or mildew in this state!

I did pick up some fennel bulbs off the sale table today at work, along with some acorn squash. I purchased a toaster oven last week, and I really want to see if I can cook things for as long as the recipe calls for. I bought a couple of pieces of fish a few weeks ago and they’ve been in the freezer ever since. I’m hoping to have a romantic dinner one night and cook it up with a butter sauce! Don’t tell the hubby! I think the roasted fennel will go really well with fish. I am trying to think of something else to go with it.

I still haven’t gotten around to any of my other projects, like the pancake mix, refrigerator pickles, or the homemade baby powder….Maybe tomorrow will be a good day for all of that. We have all day to stay home and do things like, ahem, get our homeschooling started for this week!




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