Wow, what a weekend. We had Beanster’s second 2nd birthday party with the other half of the family yesterday. Someone racked up the prezzies! He scored two wooden puzzles, a book, a monster truck, a race car, a plane, a Hot Wheels train (4 pieces), and a little crab that rolls around. He also got three sets of clothes that are super handsome on him.

His aunt bought a really tasty birthday cake, too. They know him well!

I’m so glad that he got to see some more of his family. I love that we’re able to get out and do things with him and broaden his horizons, instead of the same old routine every single week. I don’t have a field trip planned for this week, except for going to the library to return books and movies (and see if we can score any more school books). We went to the beach last week, though we probably should have gone on “B” week, even though we did see a crab (“C”). I guess we could go to the local farm that sells chicken eggs. He always has so much fun out there with them. He’s still a little timid about feeding them, but he loves watching them run around. Yesterday at great-grandma’s house he noticed all the chickens she decorated with in her kitchen. His word for them is “bah-bok”. So cute! But I digress…

This is our 4th week of pre-pre homeschool. This is our little schedule:
Letter: D
Number: 4
Color: Green
Shape: Rectangle
I decided to color most of the pictures myself this week and, thanks to my mother’s advice, I simplified things a LOT. Last week was really grueling, so I was unable to complete our entire lesson. It’s not that I expect him to learn what I’m throwing at him, but I like for him to hear these words and names so that they will be familiar to him. This is a sneak-peak:

Yes, I know the dog looks more like a rabbit…

Our craft this week is going to be a “paper plate lion”. I saw it done a few weeks ago in children’s church and thought it would be perfect this week. We are going to read about Daniel in the lion’s den. I think we may have the Veggie Tales version, also. 🙂

Unfortunately, I don’t think the public library has a video of Bill Nye, the Science Guy, that begins with “D”. We’ll have to see.


So far all my plants are still going strong. I’m sure that rain has a lot to do with it. The near-defunct blueberry bush is really pushing out some leaves by leaps and bounds. The lettuce has stalled a little bit, but I could just be impatient. I need to get some more soil and plant the kale. I don’t think I have too much longer to get that in the ground. I still haven’t made the pancake mix yet. As I said, last week was grueling. The olives are due to be turned again today and I am looking forward to seeing their progress.

Tomorrow, my mother-in-law is coming over and I am planning on making my “famous” eggplant pizza! I can’t stand eggplant, but for some reason, it is so good on this pizza. I also snagged some Fleischman’s yeast that is specifically for pizzas! You don’t have to let it rise. Just press it out, top it, and bake it!


You know, I’ve probably already said this, but I have these little pepper plants out back. They were freebies because they were all about to bite the dust. Well, since I’ve had them, they have put out a serious amount of peppers. Let me rephrase that: for nearly dead plants they put out a lot of peppers. It’s not comparable to a real harvest, but they made a fair amount of hot sauce this year. It was several different types: cowhorn, jalapeno, and cayenne. They are amazing little plants. And they are little. They stayed in the original packaging they came in (the 3-4 count trays), then some got “replanted”, but it was only into some leaves that I was trying to compost. They survived pretty well. About 3 weeks ago when I got those 5 little dinky bags of soil and poured over them to plant the lettuce, I figured they would be happy about that. Sure enough, lo and behold, after some TLC, some pruning, some more pruning, and plenty or rain and sunshine, these little pepper plants have really come back to life. Some have larger leaves, some have a few buds….it’s amazing!

Recently, our household has been going through various and multiple ordeals. Some are little one-two sucker punches, others are more of the lingering type. Every day now, I wake up and mentally try to prepare myself in case some other whammy comes my way. Today was not one of those one-two days, but one of the lingering type. I even forgot to make coffee this morning! For those who know me, that’s really saying something! This afternoon around 4 when I got home, I made coffee and the Beanster and I went outside with the pruning gear and the caffiene. We looked at the little peppers and it struck me again how well those little guys have adapted to all that has been thrown at them since they were seedlings. A few have finally given it up, but some are coming back with tremendous force!

I ponder the circle of life and I wonder if I am going to choose to be the kind that withers and shrivels, then dies, or am I going to be that kind that tries with all it has to do something. I hope that in my day-to-day life that I can put out those little leaves and absorb the sunshine, dig my roots in a little more and drink up that rainwater, and try to bloom where I’m planted in order to bring forth fruit in my life and the lives of those around me. Last week I was ready to shrivel and give up, but God never lets us sit where we are. Through His strength that is made perfect in our weakness, I have been able to dust myself off and dig my roots in a little more. His Word tells us that He has a plan for our lives. Whether we choose to follow after Him and seek out that plan or not is one thing. Our verse last week was “choose this day whom you will serve”. I choose not to wallow in my misery and feel like God has abandoned me and my little family. Instead, I choose to believe He has that plan to prosper us and not to harm us. Whatever weather comes our way, I know my roots are deeply grounded.

Have a great week, everyone!

Peace and love.


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