Back to our story…

Well, the good news is that the “burritos” from last night were AWESOME! I made some of that yellow rice, refried beans, black beans, a little ground beef with some seasoning, some cut up super sharp cheddar, and fresh tortillas. So good! I had bought a bag of 10 tortillas and every single one of them were gone. I did the math on it, because I’ve been seeing these recipes that are supposed to be cheap and it comes out to $4-5 per serving, and I wanted to see what these came up to. Does anyone want to guess? Lower…lower…lower…80 CENTS per tortilla! That was some really great news! I may vary it up a little next time and use some chicken or something. I totally had forgotten about some sour cream that was in the fridge, but that’s okay. It would have added to the math and I was too excited about the cost to be bummed! Some green onions would have been great, too. Next time!

I think the Olympics has gone to someone’s head. Our roommate has been watching them a lot and Beanster sits and watches TV with him, especially if soccer is on. Well, last night someone decided to do some moves on the parallel bars…

He can find more fun things to do! I found a craft for homemade baking soda modeling clay and these people had made some “gold medals”. I may have to make one for our little gymnast!

You know, this week I got really bummed out, angry, bewildered, and ready to break down crying. I really started letting things get to me. I have a tendency to take things too literally, too much to heart, too personally. Take your pick. It’s pretty easy to feel like a failure and that things aren’t ever going to get any better, at least it’s easy for me. I really have to dive into my personal quiet and prayer time when that happens. We had some financial issues, we now have a good ol’ medical bill on the way, I’ve been in severe pain, and several other things. All week, I have been hearing that the LORD cares for us and wants us to bring all our troubles to Him. I know it’s true, but when you’re in this deep, sometimes it’s hard to believe. Last night I was working on the baby devotional and I ran across some Scriptures that really encouraged me. I found one in Psalms 104:24:

“Oh, LORD, what a variety of things You have made!”

It really struck me that since He did create the sparrow and He knows when one falls to the ground, that He does care about us. He wants our best. He wants to hear from us. It’s so funny how He speaks so loudly and so clearly when we’re not listening. Job went through unspeakable trials and he was able to say “As long as I live, while I have breath from God, my lips will speak no evil and my tongue will speak no lie” (Job 27:3-4). As bad as things were for him, he continued to acknowledge God and recognize that God have given him the gift of life and was sitting right there with him the whole time. When life gets bad and seems so bleak, I need to remember that God gave me this life and He still wants my best! I have plenty to be thankful for, especially my little gymnast!

Peace and love.


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