Meanwhile, back at the farm…

As per my post yesterday, I was going to start this morning off after breakfast with baby Bible readings. That took a little longer than I thought it was going to. Someone decided to get a bad attitude and wouldn’t listen, so he ended up in time out, which didn’t work out, either. I kept asking him, “Are you going to listen to mama?” “No.” I finally put him in his high chair and made him sit there without a toy and without television. I sat in a chair next to him and flipped through one of those proverbial magazines that I never get to read. After about 5 minutes I pulled out the little day-by-day devotional Bible and read the Psalms and Proverbs for the day. We sat and looked out the window for a little while. Then I asked him again if he was going to listen to mama and he said, “yes”, without any hesitation. From there, we proceeded with our day.

We went to the library and returned our books and movies. He really enjoys the theme song to Bill Nye, the Science Guy. He found one of the movies, pulled it off the rack and said, “Bill, Bill, Bill!” We checked it out. He also finished reading for the summer and got a little prize and some coupons. That was unexpected, but nice! They also continually have books for sale there and we scored some awesome textbooks! We got one on Social Studies, one on Grammar, one on Space, and an annual book from 1989 on the Audubon Society. Pretty neat at 50 cents a piece!

Later we went to the beach and hung out for a while. It was green flags and overcast – perfect beach weather! We saw numerous things today that we don’t usually see. There were schools of minnows, a school of mullet swimming away quickly and jumping along the way, then soon after was a school of stingrays! No joke!

Beanster found a ghost crab to chase around.

I also found a complete sand dollar, perfectly white and about 1.25″ across. So pretty! Unfortunately, it didn’t make the trip home. It got a side knocked off, but most of it is still together.

Well, the plants are doing well. More lettuce is coming up by the day! I still have 4 dill, which makes me wonder if any more is going to pop up. I have a blueberry bush that is just not doing well at all. This year it put out zero leaves. Zero. I had a volunteer pineapple sage come up in it, so the other day I decided to trim back the dead blueberry. Would you believe, lo and behold, that the crazy thing has now put out a ton of leaves? I chopped it back as far as the little snips could cut and it is now going berzerk!

We had a lot of fun blowing bubbles today. Beanster loves chasing down the biggest ones. He still can’t blow the bubbles, but he tries!

He was also a big help in the garden today.

We worked on our curriculum today, but only because he brought his book along with him while we traveled. Then he took a 3 hour nap (I joined him), and we’ve been going non-stop ever since! We just been settled down for about 1/2 an hour and I’m wondering what all I forgot to do. The laundry is nearly overflowing our of the basket, so that will be my next chore…*sigh*

We also have family coming in this weekend, so we are super excited about seeing them. Beanster is having another birthday party, since none of them were able to make it. Hopefully, he’ll remember how to rip open packages, eh?

Well, I will let everyone know how my next project turns out. I have a recipe for homemade baking mix and homemade pancake mix. As often as I make biscuits and pancakes, I thought having a homemade baking mix all ready to go would be easier than dragging out the cookbook every time. I found several recipes and I am going to try the one that includes the most ingredients in the upfront mix, as opposed to adding a ton of things later. I also found some recipes for homemade baby products. I am anxious to try them out as well! We’ve been using some powder this summer, just because it is so incredibly warm and humid out this year. Beanster hasn’t gotten a diaper rash, but at the upper back of his diaper he gets a little red. I’ve been using Avon’s “Rare Pearls” on him because we don’t have baby powder. Dada isn’t too happy about that, but hopefully this new recipe will turn out great!

Peace and love!


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