Feels like a Monday, again.

As I write, someone is dumping every single wooden puzzle upside down. It’s not as if it’s 9:00 or anything… :).

Today was pretty productive. Well, not really. We did get some curriculum done. I was pretty excited about the caterpillar, and he was, too, for the first 10 circles, and then he lost interest. I let him put glue on the back. He enjoys that, but he’s not too sure about how it works. I usually have to add a little to really make things stick. It turned out super cute, though!

We colored a couple of pages, but with a dark crayon, he colored over the poem for the week. I hope I can make out all the words! We listened to “Yellow Submarine” and Creedence’s “Bad Moon Rising” and “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”. I must say, the submarine video is a little odd. He sat through it and was about as confused as I was by the time it was over.

Around the house.
I forgot to turn the olives, so I have no idea what they look like, but they’re in salt, so they should be fine, eh? I’ll find out tomorrow. The lettuce bed is producing some different varieties. I saw a couple of different leaves out there. The dill has had a couple more wispy sprouts come up. I guess all the sun and rain are doing them some good! The blueberry bush may have a couple more leaves on it. I’ll have to count. I have also been trimming back the Cowhorn Peppers and they are putting out lots of new leaves, as well. Looks like we may have a fall crop, too!

I found a recipe for refrigerator dill pickles. I’m going to try it on a small batch for the hubby. He is in love with pickles. I bought one of those 100 gallon jars (well, 2-3 gallons) and they were gone in less than a week. (I may have to search out a pickle BARREL!) I am anxious to try this recipe. It calls for spears, so I’m not sure if it can be adapted to whole pickles or not. It’s worth a try. I already have almost everything around the house, including a couple of things I never use. I am not sure if everyone carries pickling salt, but I will be looking around for that, too. The good thing about homemade stuff is that you can alter it to suit your taste buds. Speaking of….I am also going to try and mix up a batch of that homemade pancake mix this weekend. It calls for instant milk, so I will have to go to the grocery store for that, but if it saves a lot of time, I am willing to try it.

I did manage to scrape a few seeds for a YELLOW 4 o’clock yesterday. The ones I have are bright pink, so I can’t wait to plant these and add some more color to the yard! I love free seeds!

I guess I’ll start helping someone pick up pieces to about 6 or 7 wooden puzzles….Have a great night, everyone!

Peace and love!


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