And the beat goes on…

We finally got our shelves put up last night and nearly everything has a home!  We now have plenty of space to work on our homeschooling pages, room to read books and eat snacks, and plenty of rug to work puzzles on and build with giant Legos!  I even have room now to attempt to fix my sewing machine and finish about five sewing projects!

In getting so many things done, I have lost that little bit of time for myself, and time to communicate with those I don’t see everyday.  I am not the world’s best at returning phone calls, unless I’m at work and it’s business related.  I don’t know why I can’t win the war on time management.  Well, I do have a two year old who thinks he should be a salaried employee to pull everything off the shelves and dump out the boxes of stuff I just put away.  One thing I need to start doing is tithing my time.  10% of a day is 2.4 hours, but not everyone has that kind of time.  I’m trying to get us on more of a schedule for the morning hours.  We’re good at getting everything done by 8:30 or 9:00, but I would really like to be done earlier.  I feel like I just can’t get anything done if I don’t get started early.  So, in an effort to have more effective time management, and because I need to be doing it already, the Beanster and I are going to have little bitty 2 year old sized devotionals every morning.  We do read out of his little Bible and we read little tiny books about Jesus, but I think this will be more effective, and possibly he will even see how I get his memory verses for every week.

Speaking of, our verse this week is Joshua 24:15, “Choose this day whom you will serve.”  I think it’s appropriate.  One of my goals is to be completely balanced in all areas of life.  When we’re away from God and roaming around in our own busyness, we lose that focus and that balance.  We have to keep our eyes fixed on Him.  I think that when we CHOOSE to follow Him, He brings that balance and the peace that goes with it, into our lives.

So, to that end, we will be making a schedule in order to put everything into a day.  Being able to see a list is great for me.  Ask anyone.  I have about 10 lists going at any one time.  Finding them and consolidating them is the challenge!

This week is “C”, “yellow”, “3”, and “circle”.  We’ll be reading a book called “Cowboy Bunnies”, we’ll be listening to “Yellow Submarine”, singing “3 Blind Mice”, and making an abstract “corn on the cob”.  

I am 2 weeks behind on my other writing project, so I need to get on that soon.  I also have laundry to do.  You know, I think tomorrow is going to be a busy day, but we’ll be starting out tithing our time.  All of last week’s major disasters really got me to thinking about how I could make better use of my time.  We’ll put all of that to the test and see just how much we get done each day.  

Since I finally finished the two other projects from last week and took pictures of them, I suppose I can show them to you now!  They are both magnets (yes, I finally found some).  They are good strong ones and I think they will hold lists and schedules very well!  🙂




Well, I suppose I should go for now.  We’ll update you all on the lettuce bed and the olive brining process tomorrow.  This should be interesting, eh?  Peace and love.


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