Happy Saturday!

Well, I’ve managed to not get a lot done this week.  I have things piled up at work, at home, and for Beanster’s homeschooling!  It’s making me a little crazy knowing that it all needs to get done.  Meanwhile, we’re trying to add shelves to the office so I can actually get to the other desk and use it!  It’s currently a storage table.  The desk is cluttered, every wall is taken up to about 3 feet high, and our only solution now is shelving.  I am supposed to be clearing boxes off of it right now.

I finished the Beanster’s curriculum for week 3, but we have to finish week 2 tonight.  We are going to have arts and crafts, since that’s all that’s left.  He did a fantastic job on his art work this week.  He stayed almost completely in the lines and he drew “circles” instead of just zigzag lines!



We still have two crafts to do for this week.  

This week we are going to work on “C” and I cutout some cowboy clothes to glue on a stick figure.  Beanster really had fun with the glue stick last week.  We also will be using some “Cars” stickers I found last week to work on our numbers.  Now, whether he sees the number strategy I’m employing or not is another story.  He may just be interested in the stickers.  Last week, I used some foam stickers.  Those did not go over well.  He tried peeling them all off, so there is a lot of scotch tape on that particular page.  

Our crafts for this coming week are the cowboy clothing and a corn on the cob (literally, a toilet paper “cob”).  We’ll see how that works out.  It’s going to be very, um, up for interpretation.  I am using several different sizes of pom-pom balls, some are plain, some are shiny, some are white, some are yellow.  That’s all the crafts, but I did make another “frame” in his booklet for him to color in shades of yellow.  Our shape is a circle, so we’re just going to do a scavenger hunt and find things that are round.  I could just punch a bunch of holes in paper and let him thrown confetti, but I don’t feel that much self-loathing right now.  🙂  

Today we went to Target to load up on diapers and a few other things.  There was an ambulance when we got there, but they weren’t on the job, so to speak.  When we were finished shopping, they were still there.  We went to get a closer look and the EMT’s invited us to take a look around inside.  We got to see all the little cabinets, baby “car seats”, and they even charged up the defibrilater!  Nobody got to test it out…  Of course, I forgot to ask them to take a picture for us.  How often do you get to be in an ambulance when you’re not in an emergency situation?  I have no proof, but we have a good memory of it!

Well, I need to go clean off a table and get a few things ready for Sunday morning and find dinner for a growing boy.  I hope you all have had a great Saturday!

Peace and love.


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