Second post today

Since I skipped the last couple of days, I thought I’d have two updates. We did a LOT today, including a nap! Naps are always good, especially when it’s raining cats and dogs. As I said earlier, I am so proud of my little lettuce bed. The dill hasn’t shown any signs of sprouting, but I think it may have been a 7-14 day germination, as well.

We did get some school work done today, after all! This week is “B”, “2”, “orange”, and “triangles”. He knows what a bee is, but not a “B”. It’s been interesting to try to get him to see the difference. We also have “bat” (the mammal), and “bat” (baseball). You take so many things for granted after you’ve learned them that trying to teach someone from scratch makes you think about things all over again. We did some coloring on our letter “B” today and a few other pictures of things that are orange or begin with a “B”. We also worked on our shape of the week (I completely forgot to do a shape last week) and we glued a whole bunch of triangles onto the page. Beanster even glued them himself!

It turned out to be a really nice picture!

We have also read a couple of books about the beach and one about human bodies. I realized that he didn’t know “shoulder”, so we worked on that one a little bit today. We also have a book about a beaver and one about a butterfly. The artwork on it is really great. I thought it was an Eric Carle book, at first, but then I checked the author. It was so similar. I love the watercolor/abstract look to some of these kids books.

We still have a poem to read: Flutter, Flutter, Little Bat. For our music we have listened to Glenn Miller’s “Orange Blossom Lane”. It makes me feel like I’m watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”! This evening, Beanster and Dada blew bubbles (another “B” word) and enjoyed the not-so-unpleasant weather. We still have a couple of crafts to do this week, and a “masterpiece” using shades of orange crayons.

Our Bible verse this week for “B” is Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind to one another”. Even if he can’t recite them to me, I know he hears them. Being kind is a universal truth and I hope he will take it to heart. Today at his play date, his little friend got upset and started crying, so Beanster handed him a toy to make him feel better. It was so sweet! It’s hard for kids that age to share sometimes, but he is working on it.

Tonight we made a double batch of Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin cookies. Yum! I didn’t have all the butter I needed, so I used the one stick and poured 1/2 cup of oil in, instead. I also used a few less old-fashioned oats than normal. I’d had some crispy-dry raisins this morning for breakfast. I soaked them in water all day and the plumped up nicely. I threw them all into the cookie dough. They were still super plump and tasted so good! They may all be gone by the morning. I think a dozen have already disappeared!

Well, time to get ready for Friday (already)! I’m ready for the weekend. We’re going to wrap up our lesson and do some cleaning up in the office. There’s Tropical Storm Ernesto that could be headed for the Gulf of Mexico, so I’d like to be prepared ahead of time JUST IN CASE it decides to become a real storm and head our direction. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Peace and love, everybody!


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