Wow, what a day!

Today started off weird at 2 a.m.  It continued on from there.  If could be just a little off today, it was.  We had a very serious storm roll through which put an end to a few of my plans and put them off until tomorrow, we ended up trying to accomplish some things that sort of got done, and I started working on my home accounting software.  Wow.  I’m completely worn out now and am trying to think of what else I have to do tomorrow, literally, because there are due dates and deadlines.

This evening has not been easy, but Beanster, himself, has helped me out a lot.  He’s been able to occupy himself for a while.  As I was trying to fold laundry, he kept wanting to pull out everything from the basket.  I told him to stop and he said, “help”.  I asked him if he wanted to help and he nodded and said, “Yesh”.  Okay.  I tossed him all of his laundry and he even put his washcloths in the basket without me having to ask him.  He’s not so good about leaving my already folded laundry alone, but he is such a help with his.  I hope he continues this trend, eh?

I am weary today, but I am looking forward to starting our homeschool lessons again tomorrow.  We have several fun crafts that I am excited about.  I am also looking very forward to a possible nap time, as well!    I love glue sticks.  I think they were one of the best ideas to date in the history of the world!  Paper crafts are so fast and simple…and they dry so quickly!  It’s perfect for 2 year olds!  

Well, I may have missed my chance at bed time.  I see someone has caught their second wind.  He has on his fire helmet, he’s singing along with the fire siren, and he’s ready to put out a fire.  Oh well.  Monday is nearly over and hopefully Tuesday will be a little more normal.  Peace and love everyone.



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