Here’s to a new week!

In my desire to get my life nearly completely organized and scheduled, I am rushing around tonight getting somebody’s lunchbox together, folding clothes, and quickly scrubbing down the bathroom.  I really did take most of the day off.  We rode around the countryside and enjoyed ourselves.  This evening we watched several Tim Hawkins videos.  I have laughed so much that my face hurts.  You know, sometimes it’s a really great thing to just take some time and find something super funny to relieve that tension and stress that you build up during the week.  

The Bible tells us to cast all our cares on Him because He cares for us.  Either I don’t trust Him enough or I think I can solve all my own problems.  I struggle with this daily and the stress I inflict upon myself has led to several physical ailments, one of which brings quite severe pain sometimes.  Worry only accentuates what could actually be solved with prayer and meditation and the willingness to let go of things that are out of my control and will not add one day to my life by trying to resolve!  I think God intended for us to have fun and enjoy this life He has blessed us with.  He commanded the Israelites to have several feasts and festivals during the year, every year.  They were to work hard and do their best and give their utmost, but they were to keep the Sabbath holy and rest.  

This culture of ours is so focused on “busy, busy, busy” that we rarely have time to stop and smell the coffee.  Beanster is already two years old and it is so hard to believe that that time has flown by so quickly.  When I find myself too wrapped up in tasks that can wait until later and someone is begging for my attention, I have to tear myself away because I think that the world around me will unravel if I do not accomplish my set task.  I believe God speaks through little children and tells us to “rest”.  The Word also says to “be still and know that I am God.”  How often do I find myself thinking back to when I last heard Him call me to be still and know?  

I hear a certain Beanster having a great time kicking around a ball and I think I need to put down my busyness and enjoy the time that God is calling me to.  This week, let us do our work as unto the Lord, but let us also find that time to sit down, meditate, relax, and reconnect with those around us.  Let us find that simpleness, even if only for a few minutes.  

Have a great Monday, everyone.  Peace and love.


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