Big weekend ahead!

Hopefully, we will get done this weekend all the things we didn’t do during the week. We still have to work on our number…ahem…one. We are going to be planting our lettuce bed tomorrow. We should be able to plant 3 rounds of seeds to make it an ongoing garden. I plan to plant kale in another bed. I also have some dill that I want to get in the ground, as well. My only concern is that someone, who shall remain nameless, will pull it all out of the ground as soon as it begins to sprout. (We had a LOT of green tomatoes this year.) We have these fantastic little plastic kiddie pools that I’ve been letting some leaves compost in, and I’ve been throwing dirt in as a few freebie plants have kicked the bucket, so adding some dirt on top of all of that should be just the recipe. We will purchase some earthworms, also, because things just seem to do so well when they have worm “doo” in the soil.

Our other project is some homemade mosquito repellant. I picked up the essential oils this week and I have the witch hazel, also. I finally found a bottle at the Dollar Tree (my end-all, be-all place for when I can’t find something anywhere else), and now we have all we need to try this stuff out. The directions indicated that you can spray it on your skin without effect (unless you are allergic to it) and you can also spray it on your surroundings to keep them away from you as you sit out and enjoy the “cool” evening breeze. I hope it works!

I also found an interesting recipe for insecticide that uses garlic and mineral oil. Some things it kills instantly, some things kick around for a little while, and some things kind of wander off and die. I can get garlic very cheap at WallyWorld. They sell huge jars of minced garlic for pretty cheap.

I also have to write next weeks’ curriculum and work on another little writing project that I am now 5 days behind on. I think I may fit a little laundry in there somewhere and try to get some dusting and vacuuming done, to boot. We’ll see. I may end up with a good magazine, such as Organic Gardening, and a nice cup of green tea with honey and rosemary…


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