2nd Day of Classes

Today got started late, but class started earlier than last time.  We were pretty casual today.  No shirts, shoes, or shorts required for my student.  We started off working on our colors for a while.  Red, yellow, and blue seem to be his strongest colors so far.  We did a few puzzles,



we had snack-time,



we read a couple of books,



we faked a nap for a few minutes,



and we went outside to do some sidewalk chalk art, but ended up in the pool, instead.



Tonight, we watched more Thomas the Train and had shop class.



It was a better day than yesterday, but someone is only wanting snacks.  I guess all this “studying” has given him the munchies.  I guess we’ll add some Home Economics to his little curriculum.  We have a couple of “ant” crafts that we have done.  One of them was a puppet.  He points out the eyes and the nose, and he is even able to put his hand in the sack and make it work!  

This weekend I plan of doing a little botany.  I have some lettuce seed varieties that I want to plant for this fall.  We are also going to look into making homemade bird seed for the winter birds.  

It’s been a good day!


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