First day of classes

Today was a lot of fun.  We put together 2 puzzles about ten times each.  We learned the letter “A”.  When he repeats the letter A, he sounds like the Fonz!  We found anoli lizards out in the yard and read e-books on aardvarks.  Beanster knows his colors to a degree, but he already knows the color red pretty well.  He can point out the red Legos, Hot Wheels, and puzzle pieces when you ask.  I asked him what color Elmo is and he said, “Elmo red!”  So cute!  As we speak, there are about 5 wooden puzzles and 3 foam puzzles all over the floor.  Image

We took a short break to call Gigi (Grandma),



and eventually we had to go outside a take a recess.  



Tomorrow will be busy and I’m sure we’ll work on a few more things than we did today.  Maybe tomorrow we won’t get started as late as we did today, but at least he’s learning and enjoying the process.  Now, it’s pick-up time and nearly bedtime, so I will sign off for now.  Today was a good day!


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