It’s Monday. Yea!

It’s hard to believe that I was excited to wake up this morning and hit the proverbial road and get my nose to the grindstone. I know, I find it odd. I’m usually a weekend person, but my crazy schedule allows me to enjoy time off during the week, if you can call it “time off” when you have a two year old. 🙂 I have begun some wonderful projects that I hope the Bean and I can have lots of fun doing. He’s only two, but he is so curious that I decided to make up a little pre-pre-homeschool curriculum. We are starting out with “A”, “1”, and the color red. There’s nothing like starting at Square 1! I had to access the WWWW (the Wonderful World Wide Web) for some assistance. I had no idea what Ash leaves or Aspen leaves looked like up close, and I’ve never actually felt the need to draw an aardvark before, either. I traced off some states that begin with “A” and I found some songs that are about the color red. They’re more like poetry right now, because I have NO idea what the tune is. I think he’ll have fun. We have one week (or more) to do it, so we won’t wear ourselves out in the learning process. As much as I didn’t want to, we went to WallyWorld and picked up some paper lunch bags, sequins, pipe cleaners, and bouncy eyes to do some crafts with. Now, I know I’ll think of something during the week of “K” that I could have included in this week’s lesson, but we will repeat it all over again with some changes when we are finished with this round. My first chore, however, is cleaning off his little table so that we can even begin to work on this! I pray that I have the knowledge to see when he is ready for something else (like a nap, a snack, or a recess) in order to keep it fun and full of excitement and maybe I will learn a few things in the process. I love a productive Monday, even thought I forgot my lunch at home today…


2 thoughts on “It’s Monday. Yea!

  1. Check it out! I was also thinking of starting a fake 30 min. preschool for Zaida since she won’t be going to a real one. I started the lesson plan and I have to hand it to the real teachers, I know that’s not even the most complicated part. My main prob. with her is she doesn’t like to focus on anything for 5 minutes, not even eating. When does your school start? Mine will be Sept.

  2. I guess I can leave a reply on my own blog, eh? We started our schooling today. I will blog about it in a little bit, but it was fun. I just have to remember that his attention span is about as many seconds as his age! 🙂

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