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Long time, no see…again…ahem. September 14, 2014

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New crafts – multiple uses


I finally found a few things, then searched out Pinterest for a few ideas.  I love that site.  My pages are more like wish-lists for things I want to do at some point.  Beanster will probably have outgrown some of them by the time I get around to them, but there are few that I know he’s ready for this year.

So, it’s Sunday afternoon and I decide that we can do a craft (after incessant begging and whining).  I have an 18-count foam egg carton and a bag of fuzzy balls.  Beanster is in my lap and goes crazy when he sees the helicopters.  So, off we went.

This craft required an egg carton and tons of other stuff that we didn’t have.  So, I used a sheet of cardstock, scissors, and markers.  They all worked.  We also needed brads (I used the smaller ones), and a glue gun.

First things first:


I cut out 3 egg cups and the knot that is in the lid.  We whipped out the Sharpies and went to town coloring.  (Someone is very focused when he colors.)

Then we cut the tails out of the knot and colored them, then glued them on with the hot glue gun.




Then we simply cut a strip of paper about 1/4″ wide off the cardstock.  I folded it in half and snipped it, then used the scissor point to make a tiny hole in the middle of each length.


I pushed the brad through, gently, then we poked it through the top of the egg cup.



The good thing is that they just take a little time to make and they are just pennies on the dollar.  So, if a certain Beanster decides to destroy it and smash it to smithereens, we still have the memory of spending time together!  :)


I’m also hoping that we can find plenty of phonics lessons and other fun things for a 4-year old to learn more about.  Plus, there’s always Kindle, which always has a huge selection of books to choose from!

So, now that we have internet and we no longer have to commute, I hope that there will be more posts!  It’s good being back online!  Have a great rest-of-the-weekend, everyone!  Peace and love!


Ups and downs and arounds May 11, 2014


Wow, has it been crazy lately! My little Beanster has been through the mill. He got a case of tonsillitis and we had to take him to the ER with nearly a 105 temperature. After that, his tonsils never went back down. We took him to an ENT and, sure enough, he needed his tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears!

We ended up getting a second opinion and they also did a hearing test. They said his eardrums were barely moving! They also said he had obstructive tonsillitis with apnea.

The bad news was that we had to pay cash, since our deductible is $6000! We took the cash price and after a second round of tonsillitis and antibiotics, set up an appointment for day surgery.

So, this past Thursday morning, we headed out around 5:30 to go to the day clinic. Man, it was an awesome thing that they had free coffee out there!

We got there at 7 and by 7:30 we were back in pre-op. Beanster did fantastic, though I was about to fall apart! It was hard to see my baby bean having go undergo anesthesia and such an invasive procedure. I know it’s a common enough surgery, but still….

Well, we were out in the waiting room about an hour, since there was so much that had to be done. We finally were called back to post-op. I tell you what, that was the worst part!

When we walked in we could hear kids crying and we could see one thrashing around. Come to find out, it was Beanster!!! My heart froze and sank like a rock. We hurried over to him and there was nothing we could do to make him know that we were right there for several minutes. He was still coming out of the anesthesia and they assured us it was normal. Yeah.

They gave him Demerol to help with the pain. He would cry, whimper, doze off, come to, whimper, cry and yell and roll around, then repeat the whole process. We were in post-op forever. We finally were able to leave with a conscious Beanster. We got prescriptions filled and headed home.

The past few days have seen the grumpiest bean ever! He can’t make up his mind what he wants to do or eat, he’s cranky, and in a foul mood!

Speaking of foul…

I was completely unprepared for what post-operative breath smelled like! Wow! I read several websites that said this was normal. I also didn’t expect the white patches in his mouth. Once again, the websites and the medical advice of someone in the family assuaged my fears.

Beanster is feeling better now and is running around, like the website advice says he’s not supposed to… Rest? At 3 years old? Ha! We’ve gone through the little ice from Sonic like it was going out of style! Yes, the Popsicles were eaten by me because he wouldn’t touch them. Don’t know why, but he wouldn’t. He’s got one more week to go before his checkup and he goes back to daycare.

So glad he’s going to be back to normal soon and that he will be able to breathe normally again! It’s been a rough few days, but we are on the upswing!

Peace and love, everyone!



Spring project! April 19, 2014

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I was supposed to write this blog yesterday, but massive overtime and a long, hard drive of around 500 miles per week have just worn me out and I spent the day recuperating (I.e.- napping, drinking lots of fluids, napping, sitting, not stressing…)

So, today I feel a little more refreshed! We did happen to do this one awesome project yesterday. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, but the perfect container availed itself yesterday.

1 plastic see-through container with a lid
Marbles, rocks, or cracked terra cotta
Soil (we used some from an old poinsettia we killed after Christmas)
Seeds or succulents

First off, we gathered all our supplies. I found some marbles laying around, so I used them. Not only do they allow for drainage, but they add weight to the bottom to keep it held down.


We placed our soil in about 1/3 of the way up.


We made some room and sprinkled in our seeds, then covered them up.


Next, we watered it well. That potting soil must have been mostly peat, because it took forever to get completely moist.


So we added a lot more water…


Then we snapped the lid on tightly and put it in the sunshine. It steamed up after a while.


Hopefully, we will see sprouts in a week or so. I think someone was pleased with their work!


The great thing about this project is that it not only teaches the life cycle of a seed (we had harvested these seeds over the winter), it also teaches the water cycle! We can now learn about evaporation and precipitation!

I hope all is well with everyone! Have a great Easter. Peace and love, everyone!


You’ve been framed – easy peasy! March 2, 2014

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I thought up a new craft for Beanster and I to do. Truthfully, I probably saw it on Pinterest and just had it stuck in my head. It’s easy-peasy, so long as the glue bottle cooperates (and the 3 year old…)

It starts out pretty simply. The one thing that I had on hand might not be readily available to all is a paper punch, but there are alternatives. Basically, I had a handy little paper punch that I scored on clearance about 2 years ago. The shape has come in handy so many times:


So, it’s not a 4-leaf clover, but it will do. I nabbed some old envelopes and went to town the other day punching out pansies:



I grabbed a few more simple supplies like those wide Popsicle sticks, some sequins, glue, and snapped a quick pic of Beanster in a season-appropriate shirt. (Having photo paper on hand has saved my sanity more than once!).

I marked out dots where I wanted to glue the sticks together by laying them on the picture. Then we started gluing.




We glued on a few gold sequins out of that mega-pack we bought a couple of years ago. I tried writing the year on it, BUT (note to self), Popsicle sticks will suck a pen dry and the writing will not be clear:


I taped the photo to the back of the frame. I did have to trim about 1/2″ or less off the top to make it fit. Then I taped on a soda tab. I would have put it down lower, but I’m taking it to work and the pushpins I have wouldn’t have worked so well…


I think it turned out pretty cute. Beanster had a great time and it took us all of 10 minutes to do!



How are we doing? Um… January 18, 2014


One of my resolutions this year was to be in as good of shape as my 3.5 year old by the time the year ends. So far, I’ve taken the stairs at work one time and I’ve done yoga one time. Once per week, average. Okay. I am making a conscious effort to move more. What helps is that Beanster enjoys the shared activity.



I’m usually laughing or having to dodge flying, tumbling legs, so we’ve only had one successful yoga session.

I also am planning on taking the stairs at work more often, but wedges aren’t the most appropriate shoes… I need to bring walking shoes, I think. I was very disappointed in myself because I was so out of breath for so little effort… I was dreaming this morning of being able to complete an entire boot camp video session by the end of the year. Right now, it’s a pipe dream, but it’s a goal.


Last year, mom and I cut out a quilt. Well, I guess you could say we cut out strips. I’m wanting to make a subway tile quilt for Beanster. We bought several pieces of fabric of things he enjoys: sports, teams, Blue Angels…

That is a resolution I thought of after I posted last week. I want it at least pieced together by his birthday!


We also celebrated Beanster’s half-birthday. I’ve been doing it since he was 6 months old. I make a pan of brownies and get him something small. This time I got him a coloring book and a sheet of stickers to add to his sticker book (a spiral notebook, nothing fancy). He colored and we put the stickers in his book. It was fun.




I know it seems crazy to celebrate a half birthday, especially right after the holidays, but I enjoy it. Plus, it’s a great excuse to eat brownies!


We have just about souped ourselves out. The thing is, it’s so great to have warm, hearty food during this unusually cold winter we’ve had in the south this year. We had our second round of spam hash (basically, potato soup with spam chunked up in it).

I am considering making hummus soup tomorrow. Probably with canned chickpeas… It’s a wonderful blended soup that I just adore. It has a potato and a couple of carrots, tahini, and a couple other things like chicken broth and spices. Great stuff. And it’s pretty quick, too.

I am loving all the soups, but sometimes you just need something with some crunch or some texture to it. I have been consulting all my cookbooks and cooking magazines for inspiration. I’m sure we will come up with something….


Well… We are working on it. Beanster is in daycare now and he is learning a lot. However, we are reinforcing the learning process at home. That is the goal. A friend of ours had a daycare for many years and she gave us a huge stack of books, so I have been going through them and scouring them for more learning activities.

Pinterest has also been a great help. I enjoy seeing what other people have done and try to adapt it to a 3.5 year old’s learning level. I have seen some great science projects lately. We are going to make crystals with Borax and also do the celery and food coloring project.

It’s also time to put seeds into a grow box. We can learn about the life cycle of plants! We did gather some seeds a couple weeks ago, so we will also have those to plant later, as well. The cool thing is that he remembers where they came from so we can complete the cycle in his mind as they grow and put out seeds of their own.

He’s such a sponge right now that I am consistently tossing things his way. It astounds me how much he’s picking up and retaining! He amazes me.

I guess that’s all for now. It’s past bedtime and I need to decompress from a long week of training at work and an ear infection at home… I need one more day this weekend.

Have a great week this week. Peace and love, everyone!



New year, new outlook January 12, 2014


At the dawn of the New Year, many people make their resolutions and most of them keep them for a week or so. That’s what the statistics say, anyhow. I’ve come up with a few of my own that I’ve never had on a list before.

1.). I would like to balance my checkbook every single month! That may mean using cash so that I have less to track…

2.). I would like to be in as good of shape as my 3 year old by the time 2014 is over. The child has great abs and a solid core under that layer of baby fat! Trainers would be jealous! (And he’s never even been to the gym!)

3.). I would like to be as stress-free as my child! He doesn’t have a single stress point or knotted muscle. I, on the other hand, am in chronic pain every single day due to stress. I have muscles that don’t move or stretch like they should. I have bones that are deteriorating, which I would like to put a halt to…

4.). I want to trust God more and worry less. I think this would go a long way to improving resolution #3!

That’s pretty much my whole list. It’s a tough one for me. I can’t currently keep up with Beanster’s energy level. Today, for instance, we had a heat wave and it got up to 70 degrees. We went outside and Beanster took off running and ran big circles around the back yard. He kept yelling for me to come run with him. I told him, “Baby, I’m not a good runner.” He said, “Yes, you are!” I told him we would work on it this year. We did ride bikes a little bit today. I can still do that.


I am still attempting to cram as much knowledge as I possibly can into Beanster’s little brain. We have been learning plenty of new things and we work on stuff in the evenings after I get home. I have found some wonderful learning packs online and have spent time laminating and cutting things out.

We have also put together a couple of lap books recently. Those are pretty time consuming, but I think they are for children with scissor skills. The children are supposed to do the majority of the work…

But so far, his favorite thing to learn about is outer space! We found an astronaut pack, and a few planet and space packs. We’ve had tons of learning time with them!

I also finally unpacked some of his books. I found them and dragged them out. They’re currently in a laundry basket, since we don’t have a bookcase, but he doesn’t care. He can appreciate them more now that we have worked on letters so much.


I cannot wait for spring! I ordered some organic seeds in December and they are calling my name! Today was so perfect. I wish it was a little later in the winter/spring so we could at least start putting things in the ground.

Everything has been in the greenhouse to overwinter, but this latest blast of arctic air really did a number on a few of them. I nearly lost one that means a lot to me, so it may come inside if we get another blast like that. What’s amazing is how well the roses have done. Whether inside or in the ground, they bloomed up until Christmas!

I just hope some of the bugs met their maker in this freeze. We have been swarmed with Mosquitos the past few years. We’ve been needing a good, hard freeze to get their numbers back down. All I can say is that I’m glad we had so many blankets this year. We have needed them. Me, more than others.


This winter has afforded us the opportunity to have all sorts of wonderful soups! We’ve had baked potato, veggie beef, spinach-sausage-navy bean soup, Spam hash, and split pea is on the menu for tomorrow! Yum!

One of my favorite soups is hummus! We haven’t made it yet this year, but it is on the list.

The other thing I’ve discovered in the frozen section is rolls and biscuits! Yes, I know they are full of horrible things for you, but it sure is nice to throw some bread in the oven and have it with some of the wonderful things we’ve been having for dinner lately. I have lost the ability to make biscuits. I I have no idea what is going on, but they are no longer in my repertoire…

I can’t wait until some of our vegetables can be planted so we can start harvesting super fresh food right in the yard! Yes, I’ve loved the fall and winter we’ve had in the south this year. We’ve actually had a fall and winter! But I am ready for spring planting. I can taste it already!

Peace and love, everyone!



Christmas season ideals December 18, 2013

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I was standing over the copy machine today, sending a fax, when suddenly I realized what today was. Tears welled up in my eyes and I really had to take a moment to stop and collect myself.

The Hubby and I married at the end of February a few years back and by the time the honeymoon was over, we were expecting a baby! We were so excited about it and we were in the planning mode 100%!


7 weeks in, we miscarried. Today was our due date. We would have had a little Beanster for Christmas that year.

But God is merciful and we were expecting our little Beanster by the time the due date rolled around!


This year it’s difficult again, knowing we should have been halfway along with our next little Bean. My heart hurts, knowing that we won’t be expecting one when we thought and that we are not planning and picking out names.

However, we have Beanster! And we are truly blessed by him everyday. I love it when I can sit and think of something funny he has done and I can laugh out loud. He is a little source of joy, light, and fun!



Well, Christmas is upon us and we are treating this year a little differently. Since the move, money has been a little tight. That has, in turn, allowed us to celebrate the holidays a little bit differently. I’m actually hoping the trend continues!

We are doing the Jesse Tree project and every night Beanster gets to hang up a new ornament! We also did a study on Saint Nicholas on the appropriate weekend. I bought him some chocolate foil-wrapped coins and orange slices and put them in his stocking.

I have bought little presents for 3 people this year. We are really keeping the focus off of the materialism of Christmas. We all have enough stuff around the house and God has blessed us with “enough”.


As long as the tree is up and there are lights to look at, Beanster is happy. And so are we! We are not worn to a frazzle going to parties, we are not trying to buy presents for a lot of people (we can’t), and we are able to sit back and relax and watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate! We are able to focus on family, the actual holiday, and the meaning of Christmas.


It’s a wonderful change of pace. I think I want to keep this up…




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